Cuit Zaini Hassan

I Feel So Good!

But, It Really Feels So Good!…wink, wink 🙂

You might not know the title of this song, but you’ll recognize it when you hear it. In America, “Feels So Good” is one of the most popular instrumental songs of all time, and certainly the biggest flugelhorn hit.

Chuck Mangione first recorded with his brother Gap in a band called The Jazz Brothers, which formed in 1960. He signed with Mercury Records as a solo artist and released his first album in 1970, charting for the first time with “Hill Where The Lord Hides” in 1971 (#76). He grew a following in jazz circles and scored a surprise mainstream hit with “Feels So Good,” which reached #4 in June 1978 and also hit #1 on the Adult Contemporary chart. These were the last days of disco, and his smooth jazz number provided welcome relief from the typical dance music that had saturated the airwaves. It sold over two million copies.


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